Hardwood floor refinishing services in Baltimore MD

Do you want to get rid of stains and harsh spots on your hardwood flooringsGenaro Carpet Inc is in town to offer you Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Baltimore MD. We get rid of that dull and deteriorated outlook of your surface and only hand in brilliant results over your floors.

Whether your hardwood floorings is made out of oak, pine or cork; our team is able to carefully handle your damages, we clean, restore and take care of your floors while also adding them the finishes that you need to suit your vision for a perfect living room on your home or a reception area over your commercial property.

When assessing the project at hand, we take measures to ensure you quality results. Genaro Carpet Inc. is your team to call for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Baltimore MD. Over the years we keep training our best to deliver only optimal results on your hardwood floorings services; we are capable of assisting you with sanding, coating with gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes over your flooring.

Our staff is all over your specifications to accomplish excellent outcomes, so when regular maintenance and cleaning routines don’t seem harsh on your surfaces. We take care to make it water resistant and silicone coated for less sharp scratches from your furniture; we enhance the durability and impact resistance your floors already have, so you and your toddler don’t have to worry about making a mess.

We know what it is like to cause a good impression on your guests and potential clients, but maybe you haven’t had the time to make your floors look as brilliant as you want them to be; Genaro Carpet Inc. is available and flexible to achieve Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services in Baltimore MD. Let us do the dirty work having your floors look impeccable and flawless with a long lasting effect and protective coat.

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